Massage Therapy

Our Massage types include:

Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Effleurage Massage, and Swedish Massage.

Our Price:

$60/Hour, $80/(90 mins), $40/(30 mins)

At LAC Health Center, we believe that the power of therapeutic massage and touch increases vitality, health, and wholeness. We are inspired to share and provide therapeutic massage and bodywork that promotes a sense of well-being that revitalizes soft tissues, blood flow, bones, muscles, ligaments, and fascia. We affirm that massage releases, relaxes, and realigns our bodies and our minds by supporting inherent body wisdom. Through therapeutic massage, our listening hands, and deep presence we enhance a safe environment for growth as well as renewal of body, mind, and energy.

Our massage and bodywork therapists facilitate deep, long-lasting results in a wide range of modalities, peeling away layers of stress, restoring mobility to injured muscle tissue, easing stiffened joints and hot spots of pain.

Massage and bodywork clients also enjoy having access to our complimentary private sauna, showers, and can relax with a cup of tea in our peaceful Japanesque reception area.

Our Basic Therapists have completed at least 250 hours of State required massage and bodywork training and our Advanced Therapists have completed between 400 to 1000 hours of massage and bodywork training. Each Advanced Therapist has considerable experience in the field.

In addition to Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, we also offer Chiropractic Wellness and Acupuncture.